Program highlights

The Early Years program informs the learner about the different challenges they may be presented with in their role as an Early Years Educator.

The scenarios developed for this training are situations that students need to be prepared for, but may not have come across often in real life.

Learners can walk through each environment, choosing options and answering questions along the way, which will help them to practise their knowledge and skills.

This online environment provides a safe, realistic place to test their knowledge, make mistakes without real life consequences and boost their skills attainment.


Virtual scenarios:
  • Dealing with a poorly child
  • Preparing and storing food
  • Behaviour management

Learning outcomes

By completing this program, it is expected that learners will:

  • Have a greater understanding of Early Years principles and concepts.
  • Have increased confidence when working with children.
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Standards supported

The program has been designed by our partners to align with Early Years Foundation Stages of the Occupational Standards.

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Program partners

Developed in partnership with the following organisations:

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