Our Mission

To lead the revolution in un-paralleled learning by providing immersive, engaging and interactive experiences for learners, educators and industry. Our innovative solutions provide real-life experiences to develop real-life skills at learner’s own pace.

Our Solutions

We design our solutions using appropriate pedagogy practices so they can be used as standalone programs or as part of a blended learning approach. We offer unique tools to support Continuing Professional Development (CPD), qualification curriculum and assessment. Our solutions include:

Our solutions can be designed and developed to run on:
PC & Laptop
Mobile & Tablet
VR Headsets
Smart Glasses

Key Benefits

Our products lead to an abundance of positive outcomes for educators, learners and industry:

Key Benefits for


  • Reduce classroom restrictions and study time
  • Reduce cost of materials and consumables by at least 30%
  • Supports the Government’s COVID-19 recommendations

Key Benefits for


  • Improve understanding of complex subjects
  • Boost confidence and engagement
  • Improve knowledge retention and success rates

Key Benefits for


  • Scalable to multiple populations
  • Consistency in learning standards
  • Cost reduction in delivery
  • Achieving hard to reach and remote learners


Our Partners