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Metaverse Learning is a global leader in the transformation of education, learning and assessment through the use of Extended Reality (ER) including Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Environments (VE) and Augmented Reality (AR).

We work with education and industry partners to co-create immersive learning programs. By working in collaboration, we evenly share the time, resources and money needed to produce new and innovative learning experiences.

All of our immersive learning programs are available to license. Join us in accelerating innovation in education and training today.

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Convene with other education and industry partners to co-create immersive learning content with us.

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Discover the full range of programs in our library and find the right immersive learning solution.

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Make mistakes without real-world consequences

Promote inclusivity of learning styles and needs

Increase engagement, confidence and retention

Access anytime, anywhere through PC, tablet or VR

Support T-Levels, Apprenticeships or work placements

Link programs to your LMS and monitor progress

Innovation in education

The world of education and training is constantly evolving.

Our partners talk to us about the need to engage with learners who are working remotely or taking a blended learning approach to their education. They are also aware of the new way learners are consuming information. The next generation are avid participants in gamification, VR and the metaverse. Educators and employers need to find a new approach to grab their attention, keep them engaged in learning and support them through to success.

Metaverse Learning uses VR, VE and AR to create realistic, immersive learning that complements existing curriculae. They are designed to support learners, educators and employers.

Proven results

Our team has over 25 years of experience in immersive learning program development. We have seen the positive impact on learners, education and employers.



of learners prefer Virtual Reality training over standard E-learning.



increase in learner confidence when learning through immersive Virtual Reality or Virtual Environments.

Reduce costs


savings on your training consumables when using online training to support your existing courses.

Our partners

Metaverse Learning is trusted by education, industry, assessment and membership organisations across the globe.

Customer stories

See what our customers say about working with Metaverse Learning and why using our content is a ‘game-changer’ and ‘no-brainer’.

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Employability and Life Skills for SEN learners

Take an active role in shaping the educational content to meet your students' unique needs by joining our newest consortium partnership.

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Unlocking Career Success: Exploring Transformative Learning Strategies  

We invite you to our webinar, where our expert speakers will delve into the ways immersive technologies can serve as a critical bridge to real-world work scenarios, preparing learners for success in a professional environment. 

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Harnessing AI Upskilling for Workforce Innovation

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the workforce is no longer a distant future; it's a present reality that is reshaping industries and the job market at an unprecedented pace.

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Why Retrofitting is Essential for Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is crucial for the health of our planet and the well-being of future generations. The UK government's commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 under the Climate Change Act 2008 set the stage for a new set of sustainable building regulations, the Future Homes Standard, which underpins a national effort to combat climate change.

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