About Metaverse Learning

Metaverse Learning is a global leader in the transformation of education, learning and assessment through the use of Extended Reality (ER) including Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Environments (VE) and Augmented Reality (AR).


Metaverse Learning simulates real-world environments so learners can acquire the skills they need to succeed.

We co-create immersive solutions with education and industry to solve current and future challenges.


Metaverse Learning will push the boundaries of education by lifting the lid on innovation.

By 2030 we want to see virtual learning become a part of every teacher’s toolbox across vocational and technical education and industry.

Our values


Innovation is part of our company’s DNA. It’s who we are and what we do. We are a driving force behind using technology in education to have a positive impact on learning.

Learner centric

We care about each learner as the end-users of our solutions and being at the heart of everything we develop.


Our strong track record amongst key influencers and networks enable us to convene people from industry and education to create robust, fit for purpose solutions.

Our values, Innovators, Learner centric, Connectors

Bringing together education and technology

We understand the balance between education and technology.

We support our partners to ensure the correct learning outcomes are achieved.

Our solutions are a complementary tool to empower and assist teachers with their learning delivery.

education and technology

Our partners

We have decades of experience within virtual learning. While seen as a future technology, our team has operated within this world for years. Our partners and customers can trust in our heritage and experience.

Meet the team

Our co-founders Jason Holt CBE and Dr Majid Al-Kader are experts in using technology to improve the quality of education. They are frequent advocates at national and international events, informing and inspiring about the power of immersive technology and the metaverse to support learners in achieving their goals.

Through Metaverse Learning, they have brought together partners from across education and industry to lift the lid on innovation in the sector.

Our amazing team are pioneers in the industry and all dedicated to our mission to ensure ever learner can acquire the skills they need to succeed.

Jason Holt CBE

Co-founder and CEO

Dr Majid Al-Kader

Co-founder and Board Member

Katherine Levy

Board Member

Susanna Lawson

Advisor to the Board

Kathryn Porter

Commercial Manager

Cassandra Baxendale

Business Development Manager

James Pallister

Head of Sales

Claire Roberts-Owen

Customer Success Manager

Katie Meehan

Head of Marketing

Stewart Harrison

Head of Innovation and Strategy