Program highlights

Our Nursing program takes the learner through the ABCDE approach to nursing.

The immersive virtual scenario puts the learner in a situation where they deal with an infectious disease. Learning is also brought to life with augmented reality.

Learners can improve their understanding of complex subjects and practise their skills in a safe online, immersive environment.


Virtual scenarios:
  • Infectious disease
E-learning modules:
  • Systematic approach to assessment
  • Airways
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Disability
  • Everything else
  • COVID 19

Learning outcomes

By completing this program, it is expected that learners will:

  • Analyse knowledge and understanding in the early recognition and detection of disordered physiology and altered pathology related to acute care.
  • Identify and demonstrate a structured and prioritised system of patient assessment in acute care using a systematic approach.
  • Apply effective interprofessional communication skills using recognised local and national frameworks.
  • Effectively employ clinical decision-making skills in practice to develop and implement an appropriate management plan.
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Qualifications supported

This program has been designed by our partners to align with:

  • Vocational Qualifications Level 5/6 in Nursing (England & Wales)
  • Vocational Qualifications Level 9/10 in Nursing (Scotland)
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Program partners

Developed in partnership with the following organisations:

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