Coleg Cambria’s experience of developing and using our Health & Social Care immersive learning programs 

At Metaverse Learning, we co-create immersive learning programs with education and industry partners to equip learners with the skills they need for success in their chosen careers. Our rich program library spans many sector areas, including Health & Social Care.  

We developed our Health & Social Care immersive learning program in collaboration with many partners, including Coleg Cambria. Coleg Cambria have been delivering the program at their college and shared feedback on their experience of using it with learners.  

Coleg Cambria overview  

The college has approximately 200 students studying Level 1, 2 & 3 courses in Health & Social Care.​ Prior to joining the Metaverse Learning Health & Social Care consortium, Coleg Cambria had no experience of developing and using virtual reality or virtual environments in their curriculum. 

Why Coleg Cambria joined our Health & Social Care Consortium 

Coleg Cambria explained why they joined the Metaverse Learning Health & Social Care Consortium: 

“Today’s students learn in a completely different way and are much more tech-savvy than those of the past using their devices to work, learn and play. As a college, we realised that we need to engage with current and potential students in new ways and offer them a different learning experience. ​​ 

“When Metaverse Learning offered us the chance to be involved in the Health & Social Care consortium we saw the opportunity to develop a resource that would enable us to reach out to students and give them something they’ve never had before – an immersive learning experience!​ 

“The partnership approach that Metaverse Learning adopted in the development of the program allowed us and the other partners to discuss the challenges we faced individually and collectively, and put together a set of programs that covered specific aspects of the curriculum and helped us with those challenges​ 

“The opportunity to work with and share knowledge with other partners was an extra benefit and provided lots of interesting discussions and a basis for on-going relationships.” 

What Coleg Cambria wanted to achieve by introducing immersive learning at their college 

“We have almost 200 students so having a resource that will support all three levels of learners would be a great benefit. ​ 

“For our Level 1 learners who are quite inexperienced, we wanted the programs to give them an insight into the different roles within Health & Social Care and to contextualise elements of learning so that it was more relevant when discussed in the classroom. ​ 

“For our Level 2 and Level 3 users, we wanted the programs to give them the experience of specific situations or challenges in which they may find themselves in the future.​ 

“For some students, work placements are not always available or possible. For those students that do get a placement, the tasks that they are given vary greatly. Having virtual scenarios which enable the student to do things they may not usually do adds to their learning experience and gives them a head start if they do find themselves in that position.” 

How Health & Social Care immersive learning programs support curriculum delivery 

“By looking at the content of the programs, we can identify areas of the curriculum where they can be best used. This could be some pre-lesson learning, an introduction to a particular topic or even as independent learning.​ 

“The programs are also a great way to introduce topics and can be used as a discussion or reflective tool. Students can work through the programs individually or as part of a group and discuss what they would do or what could happen.​ 

“The programs are self-contained resources and provide their own learning points and activities, which mean that even if a student tackles them independently and outside of the learning plan, they are still accessing curriculum aligned content and getting a rewarding learning experience. ​ 

“Our students can access the programs through our Learning Management System using tablets or Chromebooks.​​” 

Outcomes of using the Health & Social Care immersive learning programs 

“We have seen our students really embrace the programs and the technology used. ​ 

“They are excited and have taken on the challenge of trying to complete them all with a 100% score. ​ 

“By having virtual scenario programs like these and placing the student in difficult situations you can help them with their thought process and decision making. Sometimes this is impossible in a placement setting so the programs really help with this, and we can really see that it is going to benefit our students and our college.” 

Increased learner engagement  

“The students have been using the programs continually. They’ve been practicing and honing their skills and it’s quite refreshing to see them trying each one time after time until they achieve 100%.​ 

“Some of the students have been so engaged and so excited with the content and virtual experience that they are rushing ahead and trying to complete all the programs before their scheduled classroom lessons.​”

Experience of working with Metaverse Learning as a consortium partner 

“We’ve never been involved in developing a program like this before, so it was a completely new experience and challenge for us. ​ 

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Metaverse Learning and the other consortium partners as it gave us the chance to share our knowledge and learn from others.​ 

“Having a say in what the programs were about and what content was included was great as it allowed us to cover subjects that we thought would help our students.​ 

“The development process was exciting and seeing everything come to life was amazing. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity for schools, colleges, and the workplace to engage with bilingual, interactive tools which will enhance the student’s experience. ​ 

“The team at Metaverse Learning are all fabulous people to work with. The development team were always available to answer any queries and worked closely with the stakeholders throughout. ​ 

“They are responsive to customer requests, work collaboratively to gain the best results and are knowledgeable and professional in their approach. It’s been a valuable and exciting journey.” 

Download the full case study here 



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