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Date: Tuesday16th January

Time: 12:00pm

Type: Webinar

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Are you ready to explore the cutting-edge of educational technology?

Revisit the world of immersive learning with a Digital Learning Institute (DLI) webinar recording.  

In this webinar, Majid Al-Kader, Co-Founder of Metaverse Learning and CEO of MX Reality, discussed how Metaverse Learning co-create immersive learning programs with education and industry partners to equip learners with the skills they need for success in their chosen careers. Rob Wraith, Head of Learning Technology and Digital Learning at Newcastle College Group (NCG) then shared examples of how virtual programs have increased learner participation and engagement, positively impacting learner outcomes.

Both speakers also explored the impact of digital transformation on traditional educational methods and discussed innovative approaches to training and skill development.

To watch the webinar recording, click here.


About the Speakers:

Majid Al-Kader 

With over a quarter-century of experience in immersive technologies, learning, and virtual and augmented reality, Majid Al-Kader is a pioneer in the EdTech space. He transformed the educational landscape with Skills2Learn, which grew under his leadership to employ over 75 professionals before its acquisition by Babcock International Group. As the founder and CEO of several cutting-edge EdTech companies, Majid continues to drive innovation in immersive learning programs. 

Majid’s academic background, including a BSc in Mechanical/Automotive Engineering, an MPhil in Welding Technologies/Industrial Science, and a PhD in Multimedia/Digital Learning and Virtual Reality Simulation, underpins his deep understanding of technology’s role in enhancing learning and training. 

Rob Wraith

Rob leads several group-wide areas and projects relating to support for and use of digital platforms and digital learning resources at NCG. He consults with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to develop innovative and effective digital learning solutions through the utilisation of digital tools and technology, whilst seeking opportunities to leverage digital approaches across a range of existing and new learning programs. Rob has had many leadership roles in the FE sector and was also a standards verifier at Pearson.

Who's attending

Majid Al-Kader

Co-Founder and Board Member

Rob Wraith

Head of Learning Technology and Digital Learning at NCG

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