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Time: 12:00AM

Type: Webinar

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Are you seeking dynamic and engaging immersive learning content catered specifically to your students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to enhance their Employability and Life Skills?

Take an active role in shaping the educational content to meet your student’s unique needs by joining our newest consortium partnership.

Have a look at our webinar highlights that was held on Monday, March 6th, at 12 noon.

What happened during this session? :

  • We explored in-depth the benefits and potential challenges of integrating immersive learning methodologies for SEN students, and discovered strategies to maximize their effectiveness.


  • Gained valuable insights into the perks of becoming a consortium member, including access to cutting-edge resources, collaborative opportunities, and ongoing support.


  • Heard inspiring stories and case studies highlighting how consortium members have successfully influenced the development and implementation of Employability and Life Skills initiatives for SEN learners.

Jason Holt

CEO & Co-Founder

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