Our Construction – Carpentry program is developed in line with Level 3 qualifications and allows learners to gain knowledge and confidence safely and quickly.

The aim of the program is to provide underpinning knowledge on certain subjects, a chance to carry out tasks relating to specific scenarios that they might find themselves in and to instill and re-enforce best practice processes that need to be done every time e.g. PPE, safe checks that need to be made.

The program is supported by many colleges and institutions.

Who is it for?

Training providers that deliver Level 3 courses which cover the basics of carpentry and learners could range from student to apprentices starting their career in the construction industry.

Learning Modules:

  • Getting Started
  • Tools & Materials
  • Carpentry Below Ground (Substructure)
  • Carpentry Above Ground (Superstructure/First Fix)
  • Finishes (Second Fix)
  • End Test


Carpentry Scenario

The program contains a virtual environment scenario where the user has to select and use the appropriate materials to prepare and fit the W truss rafter roof, and also fit one of the external doors.

In the scenario the user must consider all aspects of the job from Health & Safety, materials, tools and using the correct technique.


How does it work?

The Construction – Carpentry program can be hosted online or on a Learning Management System (LMS). Learners can access the contents online anywhere using their PC or tablet.

PC & Laptop

Mobile & Tablet

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