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Skills shortages in Cybersecurity

A recent report from the UK government highlights that 50% of all UK businesses have a basic cybersecurity skills gap. It also revealed that 37% of cybersecurity vacancies are hard to fill and that there is an estimated shortfall of 11,200 people to meet the demand of the cyber workforce. The skills shortage in this industry is not restricted to the UK – many other countries are experiencing the same workforce skills shortages.

According to the World Economic Forum, the rapid expansion of the digital economy — and our growing reliance on it — makes cybersecurity an absolutely critical profession. It estimates that the world needs 3.4 million cybersecurity experts to support today’s global economy, but the industry is struggling to fill that gap.

A need to upskill the workforce

Looking at skills gaps in Cybersecurity in more detail:

Immersive learning to bridge the skills gap

To address this problem, we have launched a new consortium to bring education and industry partners together and develop an immersive learning program for Cybersecurity. The virtual program will equip learners with the essential skills for success in this evolving sector.

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