Retrofit Courses to Close the Skills Gap

At Metaverse Learning, we recognise the urgency of addressing the energy and climate crisis through a retrofit skills revolution. That’s why we’ve worked together closely with our partners in education to develop an immersive Retrofit program, aligned to Level 2/3 qualifications. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of retrofit courses, exploring what retrofit entails, why a skills gap exists, how you can start your career in retrofitting, and the various roles and qualifications associated with this field.


What is Retrofit? 

Retrofitting is the process of upgrading or improving the energy efficiency, safety, or functionality of an existing building. It involves incorporating new materials, technologies, or systems to enhance a building’s overall sustainability. 

The meaning of retrofit has gained significance since the publication of the 2050 Low Carbon Roadmap and the UK government’s commitment to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. 


Why is There a Skills Gap in Retrofit? 

The retrofit skills shortage is primarily attributed to the absence of a comprehensive national skills plan, inadequate investment in education and training, and the need for reform in apprenticeships. 

The lack of clear guidelines and sustained commitment to retrofitting, coupled with stop-start policies, erodes industry confidence, and inhibits the long-term development of a skilled workforce. 

A recent study highlighted a significant shortage of construction skills, with only 8% of roles being filled. This shortage is particularly evident in retrofitting, where plans to upgrade 19 million homes are being hindered by the insufficient number of skilled professionals. To fulfil these plans, demand has been forecasted for 400,000 retrofit professionals by 2030 

Addressing this shortage necessitates a multi-faceted approach, including the formulation of a detailed national skills plan, increased financial support for education, and the modernisation of training and apprenticeships to encourage long-term career investment.


 on-site retrofit training


How Can You Get Started in Retrofitting? 

The 2050 Low Carbon Roadmap emphasises the need for investment in new infrastructure, technologies, and skills to achieve climate goals. Aspiring individuals can contribute to this transformative journey by enrolling in immersive retrofit training courses. 

Metaverse Learning’s retrofit training courses, developed in collaboration with education and industry organisations, provides learners with the knowledge and skills required to assess, design, and install improvements for enhanced energy efficiency. 


What Qualifications Do You Need for Retrofit? 

A career in retrofitting requires a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our Retrofit program aligns with Level 2/3 qualifications, providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of retrofit principles and concepts.

This certification is suitable for tradespeople aiming to enhance their understanding of retrofit within the construction sector, particularly in alignment with PAS2035/2038 standards. 

It’s also fit for individuals without previous retrofit experience who are interested in venturing into various retrofit professional roles. 


What are the 5 Roles in Retrofit? 

Retrofit Advisor 

Guiding clients on retrofit options and strategies. 

Retrofit Assessor 

Assessing properties and identifying areas for improvement. 

Retrofit Coordinator 

Coordinating the various aspects of the retrofitting process. 

Retrofit Designer 

Developing specifications and features for retrofit projects. 

Retrofit Evaluator 

Ensuring the effectiveness and success of retrofit initiatives. 


How Much Does Retrofit Training Cost? 

The requirement for retrofit expertise has never been higher. And while specific costs may vary, the long-term benefits of gaining expertise in retrofitting far outweigh the initial investment. Investing in your future through retrofit training today is a move toward addressing the skills gap and contributing to a sustainable future.  


retrofit courses in virtual reality

Why Choose an Immersive Retrofit Training Course? 

The demand for retrofit professionals is continuing to rise, so choosing the right training program is a crucial step for anybody wanting to take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity. 

Immersive retrofit training offers a more dynamic and practical learning experience than traditional retrofit training centres. By going beyond theory, and incorporating realistic virtual scenarios, learners can actively engage with simulated retrofitting challenges, encouraging confidence and competence. 

This innovative approach enhances engagement, knowledge retention, and flexibility, enabling learners to participate from anywhere at any time. 

Aligned with industry standards and designed collaboratively with education and industry partners, the immersive training ensures individuals acquire the latest skills demanded by the retrofitting sector. More than that, it’s a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for extensive physical resources and materials. 

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