Net zero addresses climate change and raises awareness about the critical and accelerating efforts to attain net zero emissions.

In June 2019, the UK took a significant step towards combating climate change by enacting laws under the 2008 Climate Change Act, setting the foundation for achieving “net zero targets.” This legislative commitment demonstrates the government’s unwavering determination to accomplish a 100% reduction in the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. By pursuing the core aim of net zero, the UK aims to effectively balance and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, curbing any further global temperature rise and securing a sustainable future for our planet. This pioneering effort makes the UK the first major economy to undertake a significant responsibility in the global fight against climate change.

With a strong commitment to net zero initiatives, Metaverse Learning is taking proactive steps in promoting sustainability, fostering climate awareness, and upskilling individuals on sustainable practices in renewable energy through our immersive educational programs. We are proud to offer a wide range of programs that caters to the dynamic fields of electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Our Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging program provides learners with comprehensive training, covering everything from installation of Electrical Vehicle Chargers (EVC) to conducting meticulous inspections and tests. By immersing themselves in these practical experiences, participants develop a strong foundation in the rapidly expanding EV infrastructure domain.

Electric Vehicle Charging program exam question

In addition to our EV Charging program, our renewable energy programs engage learners in virtual scenarios that revolve around cutting-edge technologies like heat pumps, solar PV, and solar thermal systems. These scenarios offer hands-on opportunities for learners to understand the intricacies of these renewable energy solutions and gain practical skills in designing, installing, and maintaining such systems. Moreover, they become proficient in differentiating between various system types and mastering fault diagnostics, essential competencies that enable them to excel in the ever-evolving renewable energy sector.

Develop workforce skills for the Electric Vehicle industry

Electric Vehicle Charging program exam question

At Metaverse Learning, we are actively seeking co-creators to join our new Electric Vehicle Consortium. The aim of the consortium is to produce immersive learning experiences that equip learners with the practical knowledge and skills to work in the Electric Vehicle industry.

Being part of our consortium has many benefits, including the development of program content through collaborative consensus among consortium members. You’ll also gain access to guidance and assistance from our dedicated Customer Success Team, facilitating the seamless integration of programs into your curriculum.

Contact us to learn more about our Electric Vehicle consortia and immersive learning programs.

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