Functional skills are an integral part of the education system in the UK - every learner is required to pass in order to progress to further or higher education.

They’re also widely recognised by employers as an essential part of a learner’s readiness for work and being competent in literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

Although the pandemic accelerated a move to online learning, very little has changed about the way that functional skills qualifications are delivered.

The rise of immersive technologies is an opportunity to revolutionise functional skills training and assessment to support learners to succeed through education in the metaverse.

In this article, we will explore the five top benefits of using immersive learning platforms like Metaverse Learning to deliver functional skills training.


1. Increased engagement and motivation

One of the most significant advantages of immersive learning platforms to deliver functional skills is increased learner engagement and motivation.

Virtual environments, VR training courses and augmented reality training courses can provide fun, interactive learning spaces for learners to explore mathematical concepts, problem-solving techniques or literacy tasks.

By making learning more interactive, learners are more likely to engage with their functional skills course, making them more likely to succeed. For example, including elements of gamification can make functional skills more enjoyable and involved.


2. Supporting additional learning needs

Learners with additional learning needs or those who have struggled with traditional teaching methods are often left behind when it comes to functional skills.

With immersive platforms, learners can access materials at their own pace and in their own time. Using different audio and visual presentations allows learners to experience different styles of delivery, which might be more suitable for their needs.

Leveraging new technology such as Metaverse Learning programs to complement existing teaching methods can benefit those learners who need extra support.


3. Improved retention and understanding

Another significant benefit of immersive learning to deliver functional skills is improved retention and understanding. When learners are immersed in their learning environment, as they are in virtual reality learning programs for example, they’re more likely to remember the information presented to them and how to apply it in real-world situations.


4. Relevance to career paths

Functional skills are essential for many careers. There’s so much potential within immersive learning platforms, such as virtual reality, to combine functional skills training with real-world job scenarios including engineering, finance and construction.

Learning is more relevant and engaging, and encourages them to see the value of functional skills within the workplace. Think about applying maths in the workplace – balancing accounts, calculating the correct number of bricks needed to build a wall, measuring the right length of material for a dress pattern. There are endless careers where maths and other functional skills can be applied.

This is just one way that immersive learning platforms help to address skills gaps in the hospitality industry, the construction industry, the engineering industry and beyond.


5. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Using immersive learning and development to deliver functional skills provides a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Training is accessible at any time of day so learners can learn at their own pace. Tutors can use it as a complementary tool to their existing delivery and save on classroom time so that it can be used for other areas of focus.


Final thoughts…

The use of immersive learning has the potential to transform the way in which functional skills training is delivered and assessed. Taking it from traditional classroom learning to an online environment like Metaverse Learning might be a first step, but the opportunity for training and development into a more immersive world is limitless.

There are so many benefits to using immersive learning, and education in the metaverse could have the power to transform functional skills and the lives of learners in the future.

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